The goal of your online store is sales, loyal customers, profit. Learn how you will succeed in doing so.

The great freedom offered by the platforms for website and eshop construction, can ultimately confuse the entrepreneur.

They may not know how exactly to plan their online store, or how to manage it and increase their profit.

The ultimate goal in the mind of a successful entrepreneur is to create every aspect of their business in such a way as to attract buyers and increase sales.

If you want to start attracting buyers and retaining customers, here are 14 tips for creating a successful online store.

These strategies cover how buyers experience every element of your online store.

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  1. Would you buy your products?

Create a product for your customers, instead of finding customers for it. This way, you will be confident that your product is more likely to sell.

Make sure your products have something to offer. You need to meet the needs of your customers instead of trying to create a false need.

Do not deceive anyone. If you promise to reveal a product of a certain quality, make sure it is true.

Do not exaggerate your prices to prove the value of your products.

Great products sell themselves.

If you have competitive prices, with competitive products that can meet real needs, you have already built a solid foundation for your success.

  1. Choosing the right platform.

Right now, we have judged Shopify as the most reliable option for building an online store.

This eshop construction platform provides you with the promise of loading speed and performance, regardless of the number of visitors and products in the store.

Unlike other platforms (especially custom), in which you may encounter problems with its loading, something that will cost you customers and money.

With Shopify, all you have to do is pay a small fee per month ($ 29) to get hosting and all the e-commerce features in one nice package.

It is very user friendly and offers a range of templates to choose from, as well as instructions to help you manage any customization.

This means that you do not have to hire a developer for every change you want to make. (eg import of products, offers, pictures etc)

Updates are done automatically free of charge and your online store will not fail, despite the increased traffic, so you will never need a new hosting package.

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  1. Elegant, quality and relaxing web design.

  • Products must be categorized,
  • internal links to direct visitors to the right path,
  • page loading speed
  • the template / customization needs to match the business identity,
  • and the order completion (checkout) needs to be a simple, easy process

If your online store is not compliant to these “rules”, it is very likely that it will drive away visitors early, with no second chances.

The best solution is simple. The safe minimal design, something that does not tire either the customer or the loading speed of each page.

As for the checkout, if it is not simple and minimal for the customer who is trying to complete their order, they can easily change their mind. Offer various payment methods (eg credit card, cash on delivery, paypal)

You can build your own website, or trust a professional.

In any case, its design should attract the attention of visitors with simple text, simple images and simple colors.

  1. Create a useful blog page.

Placing a blog page is an opportunity to generate more traffic to the store.

Posts that contain SEO keywords and useful information for consumers are likely to rank high in search engine results (Google).

Top-ranked articles encourage readers to visit your website, thus increasing the chances of new conversions (eg sales) and your store’s awareness-building – all for free!

Articles build buyers’ trust when they provide some kind of value to the reader. Such as, expert advice on the use of your products, or an issue that concerns the overall target audience.

You can use SEO tools to find the right keywords that match your content, are synonymous and less saturated.

In addition, use Google Analytics for a detailed view of the views of each of your blog posts, so that you know what your potential customers are most interested in.

  1. Offer free shipping, or some kind of offer.

Over 60% of visitors leave their order in the cart, without completing it, and one of the reasons is the shipping cost.

While the initial cost of offering a free shipping may be “painful” at first, many merchants see higher returns, with increased purchases after that offer.

The sellers who are able to, should offer the free service, in order to create the sense of urgency for the visitors.

You can use the free shipping with the purchase of 2 products, or the minimum order of a (low) amount. Eg, “free shipping for orders over 25 €”

This strategy will increase your average cart, your conversion rate and your overall sales.

  1. Connect your eshop with price comparison platforms.

This great opportunity of your store’s and products’ exposure should not be missed.

With your connection, you will have access to an already set, large audience, looking for your products.

So, the more competitive you are, the easier and higher your brand name will appear along with your product.

You are charged with a small amount for the connection of your store and you start your expansion!

  1. Create your access list

While profit comes from buyers, they will not always (never, most likely) come to you.

To reach them and / or expand, you will need to find intermediaries to help you.

A list of people you could contact:

Journalists – Writers / columnists who specialize in your industry and can create content about your products.

Bloggers – Copywriters who create content on blogs that are related to your business.

Social Media Influencers (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tik Tok) – People who comment and engage with your industry on social media and have a large number of followers.

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  1. Make your online store SEO-friendly.

Your online store needs constant traffic to make purchases.

The key to generating traffic? Your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

By incorporating SEO keywords into your titles, product descriptions, images and all of your text, your online store is more likely to rank higher in search engine results.

Increased visibility/exposure is the key ingredient for more traffic and therefore more sales.

Search the keywords that you plan on adding to your product pages to see which results you will be competing with.

Also, pay attention to Off-page SEO by trying these tactics:

  • Create backlinks that lead to your page (hyperlinks from other pages that lead to yours). This may require your own initiative to make backlinks first to others, so that they will reciprocate. Otherwise, just ask for backlinks from blogs with similar content, when you think yours will be a good addition. The more backlinks to our site, the more popular and secure it is. (It might not be an easy and fast task, but it’s worth it, so be patient!)
  • Email marketing. An easy way to spread information about the services your business offers, through bulk mails to potential customers. Adding a newsletter to your eshop will create a list of subscribers who will receive your news and offers.
  • Guest Blogging, which basically means that you’re creating content for someone else’s website (eg an article). In this case, you insert in that post a link that leads your page so it can bring traffic back to you, and serve as a backlink.
  • Social Media pages, which we will talk about in more detail below.

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  1. Monitor your competition.

Usually the interested parties look for the products they will buy, comparing the prices and the general climate of trust in different eshops. Pay attention to your competitors’ strategy in the same industry.

  • Do they offer a product return policy?
  • Do they often make discounts?
  • Do they have free shipping?
  • Do they organize contests?
  • Do they update their social media more often?

Through this research, try to clarify which superior advantage your competitors have against you. This way you will understand how to reciprocate with your own tactics and even surpass them.

Also, consider the design, internal links and blogs of competing eshops, as there is a chance they are generally more user-friendly.

  1. Present your products correctly.

It is not uncommon for incorrect product descriptions (or nonexistent ones) to disappoint sellers, no matter how good the products actually are.

The description of each product should be short but catchy. Laconic, but leave no question marks.

Its presentation in the description, or in an article, or in a social media post, aims to highlight the product in such a way that anyone who needs it can trust it (and your business).

Think about your target audience. Then think like one of them.

If you do not completely trust a product that you can NOT touch, you will not risk ordering it.

Offer high quality images that flatter, highlight and focus on the specific product.

Think about in what ways your products differ and state these ways.

  • Why do yours stand out?
  • What kind of problems do they solve?
  • What do they have to offer?
  • Which specific types of people need them?

Each of your products deserves to stand out, without any exaggeration and inaccuracies.

Offer returns to avoid any doubts.

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  1. Make sure your online store is mobile-friendly.

With the increasing use of phones for online shopping, sellers need to ensure that their website design is mobile friendly.

It is now necessary for buyers to be able to make purchases, regardless of the device they use.

Merchants can now use templates that are already configured to respond to mobile to make their eshop device-friendly. These templates are available on every platform.

You can load your site on your mobile, to make sure after browsing, that there are no errors and it is 100% responsive.

  1. Create social media accounts for your online store.

It’s easy, fast, free and nowadays necessary. It provides a kind of free advertising for your store, as long as you refresh them constantly.

Your social media pages and their management with frequent posts, will bring you a “fanclub” of followers, who are already interested in your products.

Each product post will find its target group and its potential buyers organically.

But do not stop there!

Update your pages frequently by uploading related articles, memes, graphic content and generally anything related to your industry, that would potentially interest people.

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  1. Contests and Giveaways through social media!

The key to making the most of Social Media for your business is definitely not just the existence of your pages.

Giveaways through influencers with many followers, that are somehow related to your industry, is a great way for brand awareness. Do not hesitate to contact them and partner with them!

Your products will be exposed to this large community of followers, who already admire this person and trust their choices.

Contests that presuppose tags or shares or a follow on your page, strengthen your brand name and develop new interested parties.

Make sure the award is worth all this effort for social media users!

Word-of-mouth organic marketing (or in this case, word of commenting) on ​​social media leads to the growth of your online business.

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  1. Invest in your promotion / advertising.

Finally, when your website is ready and well structured, when you have followed all the guidelines for its proper operation, think about investing in it.

Truth be told, the easiest and fastest way to achieve your goal (sales, traffic and awareness) is Google ads, and / or Social Media.

Obviously, we are talking about paid advertising, but “Give and you shall receive” is what characterizes advertising.

The initial cost of your investment multiplies, to a large extent, the profit that returns to you.

Your brand and your products appear in front of potential customers, who already belong to your target audience and need your products.

This is how you strengthen your brand name and build your own clientele.

If you want relaxed and immediate results, the right Digital Agency will surely achieve that for you.

Your budget and your rules, with the help of the experts, will achieve your desired profit.

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